Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade Translation Patch Redux v0.98

It’s only been a few days since the last release, but here we are again: another major update for the unofficial translation of Roy’s game.

  • For the first time ever, the opening credit reel is now in English, thanks to tabachanker! Due to technical difficulties, earlier versions of the translation either left it in its original Japanese or just blanked it out completely, but after twelve years it’s finally been translated and works perfectly.
  • There’s a few minor but noticeable interface changes going around. Earlier versions of the patch couldn’t fit the proper text labels in the level-up box, but again thanks to tabachanker, everything’s now displaying properly as it does in the official GBA Fire Emblem releases. Similarly, space restrictions in the menus have been fixed, which means menu commands no longer have to be shortened.
  • As usual, there’s a few new typo and bug fixes for the game’s script.
  • Of course the patch isn’t quite finished just yet, as there’s still a small few unresolved interface and cosmetic details which will hopefully get fixed in future versions of the patch.
  • Spotted an error in the patch? Drop us a line! Proofreaders are always more than welcome. Seriously, we want to make this thing as good as possible.

Get the new version of the patch here!




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